All graphical assets in this template are licensed for personal and commercial use. If you'd like to use a specific asset, please check the license below


All these assets were created by our team for the purpose of this template, you are free to use these without any additional license.

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Images and videos

All the background vides were taken from Pexels. Image assets were taken from Unsplash, you are free to use them for commercial and personal projects. You can read more about Unsplash licence here and Pexels licence here.

An image of a living room
An image of a living room
An image of a living room
A side image of a man
A side image of a man
A side image of a woman
A black and white photograph of a person riding a scooter in an urban area

All the content was crafted using an AI, the licence for this content generated is under the subscription of NEUE WORLD OÜ (the creator of this template). Feel free to use, reuse, rephrase or edit as you please. For any further questions, feel free to email us at